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Even though we do try to avoid using technical terminology across our websites, there maybe times when you may need further help to understand some of the features described on our cars. That's what this glossary is for. Search alphabetically.



- Valves typically regulate, direct or control the flow of fuel by opening and closing, using pressure differences to direct the flow. In cars, an engine can have either 2 or 4 valves per cylinder, depending on the type of car.

Vin Number

- A Vehicle Identification Number, commonly abbreviated to VIN, is a unique code including a serial number, used by the automative industry to identify individual motor vehicles, towed vehicles, motorcycles, scooter and mopeds. There are 17 numbers and letters (17 positions) in a VIN and you can divide them into three groups: World Manufacturer Identifier, Vehicle Descriptor Section, and Vehicle Identifier Section. You can find the number in the vehicle registration document, on the bottom right corner of the windshield or on the manufacturer place in the engine compartment or in the door frame.