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Even though we do try to avoid using technical terminology across our websites, there maybe times when you may need further help to understand some of the features described on our cars. That's what this glossary is for. Search alphabetically.



- Allows to connect electronic entertainment devices such as MP3 players directly through the car's audio system.


- Generally used as a benchmark for judging a car's acceleration potential, this is how fast it's possible to take the car from 0 to 100 km/h.

Active Handling System – chassis,brake & traction contr syst

- Designed for performance cars, Active Handling System is a sohisticated stability control system which uses sensors to work in conjunction with the vehicle's Anti-Lock Braking

Air conditioning - automatic

- Allows to set temperature preferences (depending on the model you choose independant for driver & passenger). Once set at a specified temperature, the cabin is maintained at that temperature, making constant readjustment unnecessary.

Air conditioning - manual

- Controls temperature, humidity, cleanliness, and movement and - if AQS is included - also the air purity in the car. The temperature is manually adjustable.

Air quality sensor (AQS function)

- An Air quality sensor controls the air purity in the car.

Airbag - Passenger cut-off (Automatic)

- System that automatically switches the right-front passenger air bag on or off based on the passenger's weight and the type of pressure on the seat. A lighted indicator is located on the instrument panel.

Airbag – Passenger cut-off switch

- Airbags are very important part of a car's active safety and have saved thousands of lives since they were invented. But they can also be dangerous and it's important to be able to switch off the front passenger airbag to protect children or small adults.

Airbags – Driver & passenger

- Active safety features to protect both the driver and the front passenger. The driver airbag is encased within the steering wheel, while the front passenger airbag is encased in dashboard fascia and is larger because it is further away from the front passenger. They inflate using a small explosive charge when sensors detect a major impact. Designed for use in conjunction with seatbelts. View Cruze crash test video.

Airbags – Driver & passenger front & side

- See airbags - driver and passenger. Side impact airbags are located in both the front seats and - in the event of a side-on impact, inflate to protect passengers.

Airbags – Driver & passenger front, side & curtain

- See airbags - driver and passenger. Side impact airbags are located in both the front seats and - in the event of a side-on impact, inflate to protect passengers. Curtain airbags are fitted above the windows to protect rear passengers from side impacts. View Cruze crash test video.

All wheel drive (AWD)

- Type of four-wheel drive system. If the front drive wheel begins to slip, the rear wheels automatically engage to drive the car. AWD is controlled by on-board computers.

Ambient dashboard lighting

- A key element of the interior design, blue ambient lighting improves the appearance of the various dials and buttons on the dashboard.

Antenna – integral hidden

- Pulls in radio reception. Depending on the model the antenna wires are embedded either in the windshield, rear window or spoiler, also called aerial.

Anti Rollover protection (ARP)

- Detects roll-over hazards and minimises roll-over inclination through the use of lateral acceleration and wheel speed sensors. When required, ARP brakes the appropriate wheel in order to reduce speed and rolling momentum. A passive safety feature.

Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)

- ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) is a passive safety feature. When you put your foot on the brake pedal, ABS prevents the brakes on the wheels from locking up completely. Instead the braking action is more pulse-like, happening in very quick succession. The benefit is that the risk of skidding is greatly reduced, and steering control is enhanced. Description (en)


- Designed for cigarette ash or small waste items; depending on the model and trim you choose the front ashtray can come with an integrated lighter; the ashtrays are located in the front and / or back of the car.

Automatic Headlamp Control (AHC)

- A system when activated, it automatically turns the headlamps off during daylight and on at night or in dark conditions.